ACRiX Testimonials

A selection of testimonials from participants and guardians of participants.

My son loves coming to the ACRiX Program. He keeps asking me to get ready to leave the house because he dosen't want to be late. I really hope it continues in the New Year and that he can register again. It's the first time he's been excited about going to something.

- Mother of ACRiX Participant

During the past year, I have been active in the circus ACRIX program and it has been thoroughly helpful to personal development. I personally think that without ACRiX, my grades would be lower, I'd be less confident, I would probably dislike myself, I would still be a follower. Not the leader that lead our school to victory many a time.

This boy doesn't have a lot of friends. He tells me what he's learning at circus class. It is amazing for him to get involved in something like this. He wants to come to the next session in January.

- Middle School Youth Worker

She's having a ball. She's having fun being with a new group of kids. We've never had a juggler in the family. This program is great for her confidence.

- Father of an ACRiX Participant